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Online BlackJack Strategy Guide
Online BlackJack Strategy Guide
Online BlackJack Strategy Guide - Your Free BlackJack Casino Guide
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Online BlackJack Strategy Guide Online BlackJack Strategy Guide Online BlackJack Strategy Guide Online BlackJack Strategy Guide Online BlackJack Strategy Guide


Welcome to Blackjackguide.net. My name is Justin and I started this website after winning playing Blackjack at Online Casinos. I have played at over 150 online casinos and I have never had a problem being paid by one yet. Some casinos do take longer to pay than others but that is just their company policy. I don't want to make all online casinos seem great, because that is just not true. There are some bad online casinos out there that are known for bad odds, unresponsive service, and non payment of winnings. Visit our Casino Scam Warning Page. This is our most current list of all the scams out there you need to avoid!

BEWARE! There are many online casino portals on the internet still promoting these problematic casinos. Please use caution in choosing a website that reviews online casinos. Many times the owners of the site don't care about sending you to scams, as long as they get referral fees!

If you are new to online gambling, you are probably saying the games are rigged for you to loose or they are just a scam designed to take your money. This is not true! The companies that make the software like Microgaming, Boss Media, Real Time Gaming have reputations to withhold. These companies are also publicly traded companies and these casinos are audited by some of the biggest US accounting firms including Pricewatershouse Coopers. All of the casinos on this site I have played at personally and have had no problems of any kind with payments, customer service, or anything. If you ever have a problem at any casino listed here or a casino you found elsewhere, please contact me. I will do everything in my power to help you out!

The true secret to winning at online casinos is claiming the unbelievable bonuses casinos have to offer. This includes bonuses from 50% Match up to 400% Bonus Matches. When you collect these bonuses you will have a player advantage because they are essentially giving you free money to gamble with. You are able to raise your betting amounts, meaning you can win more money!! This increases your chances of winning. The only restrictions to you keeping the bonus money is gambling requirements.

A gambling requirement is an amount you have to wager the deposit and bonus before cashing out. For an example: Let's say you make a deposit of $50 and you claim a bonus of $100, for a total of $150.00. Let's say the wagering requirement is set a 5 times. This means you have to wager $150 a total of 5 times for a total amount of $750 before you can cash out your winnings. These requirements are in place to keep qyou from cashing out your bonus right away. Don't be scared off just yet. It is very easy to meet gambling requirements giving you a nice profit. By winning a little at each casino, you can pull a nice profit! Gambling restrictions can be found in the terms and conditions of the promotional offer at each casino. Each requirement is different at every casino.

IMPORTANT! If you do not claim a bonus, there are No Wagering Requirements. You can cash out at any time! Some casinos add the bonus automatically, if you do not want the bonus, BEFORE YOU START PLAYING, contact support and tell them to remove the bonus. This way you will have no wagering requirements!

If you are unable to find a requirement at a casino or you have a question in general click the Live Help button below to get an answer immediately. I am more than happy to help you out. I also had a ton of questions when I first started gambling online so do not feel bad about asking!

Is gambling online better than going to Vegas? In my opinion I prefer gambling online. You do not get free drinks from gambling online, and you definitely don't get the nice atmosphere of a land based casino. But, what is good about online casinos is the BONUSES!!! You just can't beat them. Name a casino in Las Vegas that will match your deposit by upwards of 400%. There are none. You can gamble in your underwear if you choose. In the privacy of your own home.

The odds at online casinos are also better than Vegas and Atlantic City. This is why I prefer gambling online vs. at Land Based Casinos. Visit our blackjack strategy page here and let me explain how gambling online is better!

Along with the bonuses and odds being great, the high payout percentages are much, much better than land based casinos.

In the United States, several states have land-based casinos. You may be surprised to learn how casino payouts in some of those states compare to the player payouts here at Winward Casino.

The following data was obtained from Casino Journal Magazine.

State: Slots: Tables: Average:
New Jersey
USA Average
Online Casinos Average

If you are new to all of this it may seem overwhelming. The best advice I can give you is start out small. Visit the bonus guide where I list casino bonuses by deposit amount and pick a casino with a small deposit amount. Some casinos offer a awesome $90 bonus on a $30 Deposit!!!

VERY IMPORTANT: Remember, at any casino you can play for Free just to get a feel of the games before you play for real money.

Are you ready to start? Not so fast their buddy. Make sure you check out the necessary steps below you need to follow to be a smart player. I know some of you will still have some questions, please click here to email me. I am more than happy to answer any of your questions.



  1. Find the Online Casino with the best odds and best bonuses. We have done all the work for you. We only endorse Online Casinos with the best odds, unbelievable bonuses, and best payout's out there. I recommend my Casino Reviews Page to help you pick out a winner! You can also use our new Quick Bonus Chart to compare bonuses with deposit amounts, pick a casino by software, and find the best promotions out there!
  2. Know when to Cash In. I am sure you have seen someone who was winning big and you later find them to be begging you for a buck! If you are winning a amount that satisfies you, STOP! It is time to quit. We recommend the following strategy: When you win a certain amount, cash in 3/4 of it. Then gamble the remaining and see if you can win more.
  3. Have the best player's advantage possible. To play smart blackjack you must use perfect strategy. We have provided over 8 strategy cards for you to use absolutely free! Visit our Blackjack Strategy Card Page. This page contains blackjack odds by individual casinos and strategy cards for each casino. Check out this new feature and start winning more!
  4. Check the Banking options of the Online Casino you are playing at. All Casinos have different methods for deposits and withdraws. We highly recommend opening a Neteller or Firepay account. This is an easy way for you to deposit your winnings free of charge! Visit Neteller.com and Firepay.com. Most casinos will give a 15% bonus for using Neteller or Firepay for deposits. This can add to your winnings. View our Online Casino Banking Page, Click Here.
  5. Bookmark BlackjackGuide.net for the latest information about New Bonuses, Promotions, Casino News, and much more. Be sure to bookmark this page for easy access to the best casinos on the internet! Click the Link below to Bookmark us.
  6. If you win big, let us know. We are always wanting to hear about players winning at the Online Casinos we recommend. We will even post your experience on our homepage.
  7. Join our Casino Players Forum. This will allow you to have the best access to new promotions, casinos scam warnings, and private blackjack strategy cards and odds. Click here to visit our new forums. We will never use spam, unlike many other portals!