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Real Time Gaming is a very widly used gaming platform in the industry. Most players love this software because of the fast speed of the games. The software doesn't require alot of disk space on your computer so there is no worries of bogging down your computer. Choose from over 6 kinds of blackjack with the Real Time Gaming Platform.

RTG Blackjack Version
House Edge
Matchplay 21 (aka Spanish 21)


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House Edge .19% VERY great Odds

Carribean 21 is a Blackjack variation of the original blackjack game. This is the game that Brian Donahue won more than $1.2 million dollars. This story was all over the news as the biggest win at a table game of all time online!

Read the rules carefully, they are very different than the original blackjack version.


Following are the complete rules for Caribbean 21.

  1. I do not know if this rule is configurable by RTG, but am told by Bodog that they use 255 decks.
  2. All cards are valued as in blackjack, except an ace is always one point.
  3. Play starts with the player making an initial wager.
  4. The player shall receive two cards face up and the dealer one card face up. The dealer does not take a hole card.
  5. The player may hit, stand, double, split, or surrender. The hit and stand option are the same as in conventional blackjack.
  6. The player may double at any time with two or more cards. This includes redoubling and doubling after a split.
  7. Splitting is allowed on any two cards. Aces have no special restrictions as in blackjack and have the same splitting rules as other cards. After the player splits, each single card hand in turn shall immediately get an additional card.
  8. The player may surrender at any time. If the player surrenders he forfeits half his total bet at that time. Surrender is allowed after splitting on a hand by hand basis.
  9. An ace and two 10-point cards is called a "Caribbean 21" and is ranked higher than all other 21 point hands, including after splitting.
  10. The dealer shall win all ties.
  11. A winning player bet shall pay even money, except for a Caribbean 21 which pays 3-2 on the initial hand only.
  12. If the dealer's up card is an ace then the player may take insurance against the dealer having a Caribbean 21. Insurance may be taken at any time and for any amount up to half the total bet at the time insurance is taken. Insurance shall pay 9 to 1 if the dealer does get two 10-point cards as the second and third cards. The insurance bet shall be adjudicated at the end of the hand. The player may also add to the insurance bet at any time, so that the total insurance bet does not exceed half the total wager.





RTG Pontoon
House Edge .17% VERY great Odds

Pontoon is a game much like Blackjack, played with eight 52-card decks. The objective of the game is to get a hand that’s as close to 21 as possible, without going over.

You start with two cards, and so does the dealer. The dealer checks his cards for the winning Pontoon hand, but otherwise they remain face down. You have the choice of hitting, standing (only if your hand total is 15 or more), doubling or splitting (if your two cards match). Once you are happy with your hand, the dealer reveals his and hits or stands according to the house rules.

If there is a push, the dealer wins. The dealer must hit on a soft 17. Card values are just like Blackjack (Jacks, queens and kings are 10, ace is 1 or 11).

Game rules

The differences between Pontoon and Blackjack are:

  • There are two hands that beat a regular 21: Pontoon (an ace and a ten or picture card) and Five Card Trick (when the player holds five cards without busting, no matter what the total value of the hand is). Both hands pay 2 to 1.
  • Both the dealer’s cards are face down until the player stands or busts.
  • There is no insurance option.
  • In case of a tie, the dealer wins.
  • At the beginning of a hand, the dealer will check his cards. If the dealer has a Pontoon, the dealer’s cards will be turned over right away and the player will lose his bet.
  • The player cannot stand until they have a hand of at least 15.
  • The player can draw as many cards as they like after they double.
  • The player can only split cards with equal rank. For example you can split two eights or a queen and a king, both of which rank ten points.
  • If you get an ace and a ten or a picture card in your split hand, it counts as Pontoon

Card values

Regular cards have rank value (2 is two points, 5 is five points, etc). Jack, queen and king are ten points. The ace is 1 point or 11 points.

Hand ranking and payout

In descending order:

  • Pontoon (Ace + 10-point card). Beats every other hand. Pays 2 to 1.
  • Five Card Trick (Any five cards, as long as the total is not over 21). Beats every hand except Pontoon. Pays 2 to 1.
  • 21 (Three or four cards totalling 21). Beats every hand except Pontoon and Five Card Trick. Pays even money.
  • High Total (Two, three or four cards, as long as the total is not over 21). Beats every hand with a lower total, except Five Card Trick. Pays even money.
  • Bust (Three or more cards totalling more than 21). Player loses the bet.

Dealer rules

  • The dealer must hit on a soft 17 (two, three or four cards totalling 17, if one of them is an ace) or lower.
  • The dealer must stand on a hard 17 (two, three or four cards totalling at least 17 if none of them is an ace) or higher.
  • In case of a push, the dealer wins


Key to Table:

Double if allowed, otherwise hit
Double if allowed, otherwise stand
sPlit if allowed, otherwise hit
sPlit if allowed, otherwise stand




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RTG Original Blackjack
House Edge .40% & .52% great Odds

Real Time Gaming Blackjack is a favorite among all players. It is best known for its fast game speed!

  • Configurable number of decks. Usually four but sometimes two
  • Dealer hits soft 17
  • Double on any first two cards
  • Double after a split
  • Split two times (to three hands)
  • Player only loses original bet if dealer has blackjack.
  • Late surrender is a configurable option.

Key to Table

Double if allowed, otherwise hit
Double if allowed, otherwise stand
Surrender if allowed, otherwise hit
Surrender if allowed, otherwise split
Surrender if allowed, otherwise stand
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RTG Matchplay 21 (aka spanish 21)
House Edge .81% good Odds

  1. A player 21 always wins.
  2. Player blackjack beats dealer blackjack.
  3. Player may double on any number of cards.
  4. Player may hit usually and double down after splitting aces (some casinos no longer allow this).
  5. Player may surrender half of total bet after doubling down (known as "double down rescue.")
  6. A five-card 21 pays 3 to 2, a six-card 21 pays 2 to 1, a seven or more card 21 pays 3 to 1. However the bonuses are not paid if the player doubled.
  7. A 6-7-8 or 7-7-7 of mixed suits pays 3:2, of the same suit pays 2:1, and of spades pays 3:1.
  8. Suited 7-7-7 when the dealer has a seven face up pays $1000 for bets of $5-$24 and $5000 for bets of $25 or over. In addition, all other players receive a $50 "envy bonus." This rule does not apply after splitting.

Variable Rules

  1. Dealer may hit or stand on a soft 17.
  2. Usually 6 or 8 Spanish decks are used.
  3. Some casinos allow redoubling, up to three times.
  4. Some casinos allow late surrender on the initial two cards.




RTG face up blackjack
House Edge .85% Good Odds

Face up 21 is becomming a very common game in the casino. The beauty of the game is you get to see the dealers cards at all time! You can see if they are hiding a bust card, have a 20, or what not. There are some ways that the house increases their odds, because with these rules, how could you loose?

First, if you tie, you loose. If you get a 19 and dealer has a 19, you loose, you must take a card even on 19!

Second, Blackjack only pays even money, not too bad, but it kinda hurts.

Doubling only on hard 9-11, Doubling allowed after splitting, your allowed to split up to 3 hands.



RTG Super 21
House Edge 1.2% Decent odds

Blackjack rules are followed with these specifics and changes:

  1. The game is usually played with one deck, but sometimes two.
  2. Dealer usually hits a soft 17.
  3. Player may double after a split.
  4. Player may resplit to up to four hands, including aces.
  5. Player may hit and double down to split aces.
  6. Player may double on any number of cards.
  7. Player may take late surrender on any number of cards.
  8. Player may surrender half of total bet after doubling.
  9. A player hand totaling 20 or less, consisting of six cards or more, except after doubling, automatically wins.
  10. A player hand of 21 points, consisting of 5 cards or more, except after doubling, pays 2 to 1 instantly.
  11. A player blackjack always wins
  12. A player blackjack in diamonds pays 2 to 1, all other blackjacks pay even money.