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Online BlackJack Strategy Guide
Online BlackJack Strategy Guide
Online BlackJack Strategy Guide - Your Free BlackJack Casino Guide
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Online BlackJack Strategy Guide Online BlackJack Strategy Guide Online BlackJack Strategy Guide Online BlackJack Strategy Guide Online BlackJack Strategy Guide


Below are the 7 Necessary Steps to gambling online. This does not include everything, but is a good start to the list. The best way to keep informed is by visiting our forum. This is updated daily and has all the latest information about new promotions, changes of rules at casinos, casino scam warnings, and exclusive deals. You also get $225 in Free No Deposit Chips by joining.



  1. Find the Online Casino with the best odds and best bonuses. We have done all the work for you. We only endorse Online Casinos with the best odds, unbelievable bonuses, and best payout's out there. I recommend my Casino Reviews Page to help you pick out a winner! You can also use our new Quick Bonus Chart to compare bonuses with deposit amounts, pick a casino by software, and find the best promotions out there!
  2. Know when to Cash In. I am sure you have seen someone who was winning big and you later find them to be begging you for a buck! If you are winning a amount that satisfies you, STOP! It is time to quit. We recommend the following strategy: When you win a certain amount, cash in 3/4 of it. Then gamble the remaining and see if you can win more.
  3. Have the best player's advantage possible. To play smart blackjack you must use perfect strategy. We have provided over 8 strategy cards for you to use absolutely free! Visit our Blackjack Strategy Card Page. This page contains blackjack odds by individual casinos and strategy cards for each casino. Check out this new feature and start winning more!
  4. Check the Banking options of the Online Casino you are playing at. All Casinos have different methods for deposits and withdraws. We highly recommend opening a Neteller or Firepay account. This is an easy way for you to deposit your winnings free of charge! Visit Neteller.com and Firepay.com. Most casinos will give a 15% bonus for using Neteller or Firepay for deposits. This can add to your winnings. View our Online Casino Banking Page, Click Here.
  5. Do not Drink Alcohol or be tired while playing. This is a very important fact. If you drink while gambling, you will probably loose. You will not use your best judgement while playing and you will make bad moves. Also, do not play tired, you will often make poor decisions if not well rested.
  6. If you win big, let us know. Please post your win in the forum so you can tell others about it! Let us know your secrets! We are always wanting to hear about players winning at the Online Casinos we recommend. We will even post your experience on our homepage.
  7. Join our blackjack players forum. This will allow you to have the best access to new promotions, casinos scam warnings, and private blackjack strategy cards and odds. Click here to visit our new forums. We will never use spam, unlike many other portals! Please bookmark BlackjackGuide.net for the latest information about New Bonuses, Promotions, Casino News, and much more. Be sure to bookmark this page for easy access to the best casinos on the internet! Click the Link below to Bookmark us.